Under the patronage of the Sabeeh the closing ceremony of the "preparation of women's national leadership"

Monday,14 May , 2018
برعاية الصبيح يقام حفل ختام

Sponsored by the Minister of Social Affairs and Labour, the Minister of State for Economic affairs, Hind al-Subieh, and the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development, Dr. Khalid Mahdi The closing ceremony of the "preparing women's national leadership" programme and the distribution of honours certificates were held for the training course In a speech, Minister Hind al-Subaieh stressed that the program was an important positive step in charting a profile for a serious future based on the role and effective contribution of women to the advancement of the State's development indicators and to enable them to achieve concrete goals at all levels, Dr. Khaled Mahdi also stressed that the empowerment of women drives prosperous societies, stimulating productivity and affirming the constant pursuit of development goals and, in particular, on the goal of promoting gender equality in society and protecting women against any violence or discrimination,

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