The Knowledge Economy Forum continues its second day of meetings

Thursday,8 February , 2018

The Knowledge Economy Forum, organized by the General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning and development, continued under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmed al-Jaber Al-Sabah its activities for the second consecutive day where a working session entitled Big Data was held as the pillar of economic growth and moderated by the Secretary-General of the Council Supreme Planning & Development Dr. Khaled Mahdi At the beginning of the session, Dr. Mahdi pointed out that one of the main axes was the huge data and its importance to Governments and the ways to localize data technology in governments as well as the relationship between massive data growth and development and the challenges faced For his part, the head of the business solutions sector of LG Hyung-Jin said the huge data should be analyzed to have value for governments so they can be exploited in all areas and there are opportunities from the point of view of the Internet things so that there is information that can be tapped And on how to look at the big Data Jin said you should maximize value and have an idea to convert alsukhoma data and hire it by seeing the company and company we push for the best on this side to benefit consumers and data we have a way to meet consumer requirements and not a means to make profits The innovation chief at future factors Dio said that big data is the raw material that we analyze and process before making decisions that must be sound and given the governments, they have a lot of data to provide the appropriate services according to the data as well as some of those data should be To be provided by the Government to others so that they can benefit from it The deputy general Director of information Technology of the public authority for civil information, Mansour, said that data analysis provided the decision maker with a basis for taking sound decisions are related to a phenomenon or otherwise, and big data gives us a clear view of decision-making and we must define the objective The desired and the success "The relationship between governments and artificial intelligence will be the basis for the... years to come, artificial intelligence is still in the experimental stage, and governments are advised to make sure that artificial intelligence professionals are available. Provide a balanced framework in this context so that it can benefit from what it provides, as well as to build partners in operations and production as well as basic infrastructure to provide artificial intelligence, and the Government must ensure that it is able to administer it The CEO of GE Bhaano Shekhar said big data it is important that there be value for the big data we collect and we know what we're looking for him. One of the most important challenges in this aspect is the culture that is necessary in the companies and we have made them at GE and the performance must be measured and the Hdeat also how to innovate and take advantage of creative opportunities

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